COEASU strike is over, Lecture expected to comence on 02/01/19, Deadline date 4 D registratn of NCE2&3 students is Tue 15/01/19, after which late registration comence til 15/02/19. NCE2&3 student dat hav not registered on 16th February may not be a student of USCOEGA in 2018/19 sesion, NOTIFY OTHERS.
Matric No(YY/NNNNN):

ALL Students are expected to Register at the MIS with a token fee of N200 per Session

Students that have CHANGED their COURSE COMBINATIONS are to check their record Online after Two (2) weeks to ensure that the changes have been effected on the Database at the MIS, and report to apropriate officer where they submitted the changes if the changes have not been effected after two(2) weeks.