The College Library was established at the same time as the college in 1986. Over the years, it has grown significantly in terms of resources and range of services, in response to increase in the populatin of its users.

Users of the library are lecturers, other College staff, researchers and various categories of students (remedial, PRE NCE, NCE, Diploma and Certificate Students). The library’s objective is to support teaching and research in the institution by putting in place sufficient quantities of relevant information materials and complement library personnel for the purpose of rendering efficient services to the library users

Resources The Library has a collection of books, journals and other periodicals organized conveniently in various sections where readers can comfortably locate and utilize them.

Services The wide range of services which are available at the College Library include:

  • Lending Services, including inter-library lending
  • Reference services
  • Photocopying services
  • Binding services
  • Library Education/Orientation Services

In order to provide effective library services, various sections were created with competent library staff in charge:; they include among others:

Corculation Section This is the section in which books are loaned out to staff and students. The number of books allowed on loan and period are as folows:
Senior staff – 4 books for 1
I & J staff – 2 books for 2 weeks Students (NCE, PRE-NCE, Diploma and Degree)

Reference Section
This section comprises materials of general knwledge. These include Encyclopedias (General and special). Handbooks, Teay Books, Dictionaries, Atlases, Bibliographies and other sources for quick information. There is no borrowing from this section as the name implies. The materials are for reference only.

Reserve Section
Books/other library materials kept in this section are those in high demand. For this reason, they are not made available for use outside the library. Only one book can be borrowed at a time for a period of two hours and used within the reserve section. All materials borrowed from this section must be used within the hours when the library open only.

Serial Section
This section houses Journals, Newspapers and magazines acquired by subscription from publishers and vendors. Al current issues are displayed on the shelves under which back issues are kept. Current journals are not loaned or taken out of the library.

Technical/Reading Service
This is the section where library materials are processes before they are sent to various sections of the library for readers’ use. It also maintains the catalogue cabinet and is out of bounds to all readers.